Tenat Tenat Property Management

A tenancy management system that keeps everything you need in one place.

Viewings. Contracts. Management.

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Managing Happy Tenants

Everything you need to manage your property

Automated booking system for viewings

Digitally-secure generation & signing of contracts

Automated rent collection & compliance management

Rent collection payment gateway via our TenatPAY system

Clear maintenance workflow & management

Remote working with our multi-device accessible system

Reporting & analysis tools

Property history records including ESG Footprint

Marketing portal integration

Working With You

We have put everything in one place, but we don’t believe one-size-fits all. We understand that tenancies from traditional lettings, HMO and social housing each have their own challenges.

Our mission is to work with you to create a system that supports your needs, and the needs of your tenants.

Turning Your Tenants into Happy ‘Tenats’

Great customer service is key to ensuring happy tenants. From managing rent collection to ensuring maintenance is undertaken quickly and with minimal disruption, Tenat delivers this.

By maintaining clear and recorded lines of communication, Tenat’s transparent system of tenant, landlord and agency portals keeps everyone in the picture, from request to resolution.

Reminder emails

Every home in the Tenat system is managed through our data dashboard.

Monitor important statistics like rent collection, expenses, key dates and compliance information for individual properties or whole portfolios.

Agency Marketing Feed

Tenat doesn’t just support your existing portfolio, it helps you grow.

Manage property marketing through integrations with Rightmove, Zoopla and website APIs. A single point of data entry updates all of your listing information and images, keeping everything consistent.


Tenat provides a clear and up-to-date picture of safety and compliance.

Manage each property’s governance and safety certificates so you can be confident that safety and compliance requirements are up-to-date.


Make sure every home is cared for with a transparent maintenance process.

From initial request to resolution, maintenance issues are recorded with a full audit trail and financial expenditure information.

Know Your Tenants

Our sign-up process reflects robust methods used by banks, to securely capture each of your tenant’s identity and details, ensuring we build accurate records for each tenant and every home.

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Flexible Rent Collection

Tenat understands that every tenant’s financial circumstances are different.

Create flexible payment schedules to meet individual tenant needs, and even allow different schedules for those living in HMO properties.

Developed With Collaboration In Mind

The rental industry isn’t static and neither are we.

Tenat is built to support you as the market changes, adapting to new legislation, compliance and trends. We collaborate with you and industry partners to develop features and functionality that move with the times.

Time Saving Automation

Spend more time doing the things that really matter.

Our automated system connects each tenant to their property, reducing admin time and errors for all processes, from booking viewings to managing rental payments. Giving you more time to spend on the things that grow your business.

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